A birthday wish

Dear Sawyer,

Today you turn 6.  Though my writing has been done in order from your arrival, I feel that it would only make sense to write about the now as I hope that you one day read everything about you from my eyes.

It’s impossible to not think of how far you have come.  Just the fact that you are in a Kindergarten class with other kids makes my heart smile in a way that I never thought it could.

From the moment you wake up, you run down your list of questions of the day that though predictable make me always want to answer them in hope that our exchange will only grow.  However, our conversations make me feel so proud that you can express yourself the way you do.

Some of your new favorite things to do this year is to cook, make hot chocolate, watch new movies, read books, do homework, feed Oscar, listen to music, and have iPad time with your brother and sister.  All of these activities are a far cry from a boy who just a short time ago would only eat chocolate raisins and watch Frozen.

This was also the year that you would get out of your bed on your own and come into our room to snuggle mommy or just tell us both to get up!  

Regardless of the milestones, you continue to have a love for life that makes our family complete.  I can’t predict the future but I can tell you that your past has been the prologue to a great story. A story that has no limits as you make me believe that anything is possible and nobody should ever close your book.

                                                     I love you,


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