Light it up blue for Sawyer 

As I continue to share our story of Sawyer, we embark on our 3rd Autism Awarness Day this Sunday.

3 years? Wow.  Can’t believe how far he has come or where we are as a family.  It’s been like cracking down the walls to another dimension.  We find ourselves celebrating his success and those who are on the spectrum.

To celebrate 3 years, I ask those of you who read this to share it with your friends in hope to spread the word about #liub on Sunday.  Please hashtag #sawyerrocks so we can find you and your blue!!!!

The only way to create change is to take a chance.  Take a chance on Sawyer and #liub!

With love,


2 responses to “Light it up blue for Sawyer ”

  1. Absolutely love your blog! Spent this evening reading through your posts and would love to feature you on my website, Autism Articulated (, where individuals/families affected by autism share their story in a candid six-question interview! Would love for our readers to learn about you, Sawyer, and your blog 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I’d love to connect and share my story about Sawyer. Let me know what is the best way to touch base. 🙂


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