As I continue to share our story of Sawyer, we embark on our 3rd Autism Awarness Day this Sunday.

3 years? Wow.  Can’t believe how far he has come or where we are as a family.  It’s been like cracking down the walls to another dimension.  We find ourselves celebrating his success and those who are on the spectrum.

To celebrate 3 years, I ask those of you who read this to share it with your friends in hope to spread the word about #liub on Sunday.  Please hashtag #sawyerrocks so we can find you and your blue!!!!

The only way to create change is to take a chance.  Take a chance on Sawyer and #liub!

With love,


2 thoughts on “Light it up blue for Sawyer 

  1. Absolutely love your blog! Spent this evening reading through your posts and would love to feature you on my website, Autism Articulated (, where individuals/families affected by autism share their story in a candid six-question interview! Would love for our readers to learn about you, Sawyer, and your blog 🙂


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