Turning the page

We were the lucky ones.  We had a district that opened their arms to us.  They worked with us and respected our concerns regarding what we thought Sawyer needed.  If there was a silver lining to the stress, emotion, and uncertainty of the future of our son, we were certain that like the district I worked for that we were in the best place possible.

I will openly admit that we hired an advocate for Sawyer.  We did so to ensure that we had an independent voice during our process with his team.  We had experience but once you’re holding your IEP, you have a rush of emotions that run through you.  You doubt what you know, you doubt what you have, and ultimately you doubt what you want.

This was hardly the fault of the team we worked with.  They were incredible and we were and still are blessed to work with them.  It was just a time that we were in panic mode and afraid.  Even the best plan wouldn’t have been enough for us because of the emotional state we were in.

The conversations with our advocate were private.  Our conversations with Sawyer’s team remain private because our goal all along was to be educated on what would best support Sawyer.  

Life for us at that moment was like viewing a landscape through a kaleidoscope.  Any which way we looked, it appeared different, which led to more confusion and frustration.  We needed help and weren’t shy to admit it.

Like I previously said, were are fortunate.  We had concerns about services, supports, and ultimately the direction of Sawyer’s future.  With the guidance of many, we found common ground across the board.  For that support, from the district, to the staff, to those who embraced us, it brought hope that our page could be turned.

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