What if there was a cure?

Jon, daddy, Mr. Rubin, Jonathan, Rube, and Rubes are all names that I identify with. I hear all of them. I respond to them. It's easy to get my attention despite what my wife may report!
I can make eye contact, I can ask questions, I can have a conversation. These tasks are easy for me. It's not work nor is it a challenge.

I'm fortunate to have friends. I have people who I have always been able to identify with. Regardless of my age, it's never been difficult to connect with others in this realm.
The aforementioned is work for Sawyer. None of it comes easy. It was painful to watch, which made me wonder how painful it was and is for him.
I remember one morning I took all three to the park as we were killing some time as our house was having a showing. Cobe and Evie ran off to play as Sawyer wanted nothing but the swing.
I pushed him for awhile as my eyes searched for the other two. Cobe gave me a big thumbs up and Evie smiled. All was good.
A little girl around Sawyer's age got on the swing next to him. She said hello. Sawyer smiled. She continued to talk and asked him questions. Sawyer began to stim with excitement.

She asked me why he didn't have much to say but he can and could talk. I told her that he has autism and somethings are hard for him.
"What is autism?" She asked. I gave my best 4 year old answer that I had, which explain his struggles.
"So is he sick?" She replied. I tried to explain that it's more of a condition rather than an illness.
"Is there a cure?" She responded. Though I said no and as they continued to swing, I had a few minutes to digest that. I truly never thought of a cure.
The little girl went on her way. I continued to wonder if families with autistic children dream of a cure?
I just couldn't imagine Sawyer taking a pill and waking up one morning and being someone else. If that happened, he wouldn't be Sawyer anymore. It would be someone different.
After 40 minutes of pushing him in the swing, Sawyer told me he was tired and ready to go. Maybe it took all that time to tell me? Maybe he as I suspected was having fun? Regardless, I didn't want a cure. I just wanted Sawyer.

9 responses to “What if there was a cure?”

  1. This made me cry…what a beautiful way of thinking!

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  2. Puts all in perspective! Beautiful!

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  3. I have been asked this a lot as well. Would I push a button and cure Alexander’s autism. No. It would change the person he is, I would not know my son anymore. I’ve said it before. I wouldn’t change him for the world; instead, I’m trying to change the world for him.

    Well written Jon!!

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    1. Couldn’t agree more!!! Xoxo


  4. Elizabeth "Libby" Maki Hussey Avatar
    Elizabeth “Libby” Maki Hussey

    I have thought about this too, but I feel like autism and my boy go hand in hand. I love him as he is and to not have autism as part of the equation would take so much of him as I know him out! I don’t wish all the struggles that will come for him but he has made great strides and is doing things 1-2 years ago that I never thought possible. I am hopeful, but he has 3 sisters that I know will always watch out for him and help him after I am gone and that gives me peace.

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  5. My grown child is high functioning and my husband is a bit lower but I agree they are unique. I wouldn’t want them any other way.

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