Show the way

My oldest son is 9 years old. Like most boys his age, the majority of shock value moments come from the bus. Unfortunately, bus rides these days can tend to be an uncensored, unfiltered YouTube videos moderated by children his age. However, today was more sensitive to him than most rides home.

One boy said to him that he knew three Autistic kids. Cobe responded with his brother was Autistic and that he was fine. The boy came back with that he was sad for him. That’s where the conversation ended.

Cobe unbeknownst to him took the high road. He didn’t get angry or upset. He peacefully told me the story and asked me why someone would say that? My response was that anyone who says something like that has a story behind their reasoning. My hope is that over time that he doesn’t see Autism that way.

Cobe nodded his head and I believe he got where I was coming from. And at age 9, he holds more power in changing the world than he could even understand.

He doesn’t see that Sawyer looks up to him more than being the older brother. He doesn’t see that Sawyer has learned how to play because he plays with him. He doesn’t have a clue that when Sawyer falls that helping him up is teaching him empathy and compassion.

This is effortless for Cobe. This is what he knows. This is who he is. This is what I hoped he would be.

So as far as the bus goes. It’s the real world. Kids will share things. Kids will be kind. Kids may be cruel. Kids just know what they know. I do know that Cobe will continue to be Cobe. He will continue to lead the way.

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