The baby, the big brother?

On the day Sawyer was born, Kellie and I were not a united front. We were not necessarily broken but cracked. Our communication was lost. We were in the midst of the challenges of being husband and wife rather than just being Jon and Kellie.

Our bond was our children rather than our bond as a couple. I just thought it was the way things go. You grow together, you grow apart, and then grow together. It would be the ebb and flow of marriage.

So there we were in the operating room. Kellie was to have a C section. I went in with her and I felt like this was the conclusion to our trilogy. This would be our last child. We would now move onto reinventing our marriage. This is how it was supposed to be.

So that was it. No more children. We would be a party of 5. Roll the credits.

But the trilogy decided to reboot. We started to talk about the idea of having another child. And we weren’t kidding.

As we looked at the last few years, we’ve changed. We have learned to appreciate one another in ways that we didn’t know. We worked with one another rather than on our own.

So here we are. At the age of 41, I have seen loved ones lost, friendships come and go, moments I cherish, and moments I’d like to forget. However, I do know that the legacy that we will be remembered for will be by our children.

The hope is that all three of them will be there for one another.

However, all three will be joined by two more.

As I told Sawyer the news last week as I picked him up, I asked him if he wanted to hear something funny? That his mom had two babies in her belly.

His response, “two babies, how is she going to fit two babies?” This was followed by a giant giggle.

So the circle has now come full. Sawyer was once the conclusion of our family. He now will be the bridge to our future. He is no longer the baby, he will be the big brother.

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  1. So happy for you both!!! May you both continue to be blessed by the Lord!!!

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