The unpredictable

There was a crash and tears echoing from the boys bedroom a week ago. This isn’t uncommon in a house full of kids. However, It is very unique for 7 year old Sawyer to cry and not to stop.

As my wife Kellie rushed down to see what had happened, she discovered Sawyer on the ground grabbing at his foot. His tears were streaming and was shaken by whatever occurred.

Here’s the dilemma with arriving to a wounded Sawyer. How can we know what had happened and how do we know how hurt he truly was?

Kellie asked him questions as he settled. He said that he fell from his bunk bed. Then it was his bunk bed ladder. Then it was he fell on the floor. As you can imagine, it wasn’t as clear cut as an CSI episode. Figuring out what happened is an ongoing investigation.

Regardless, Sawyer struggled to walk. This was a problem. To be proactive, we decided to take him to be looked at. Here is where Autism can simply drain you.

We only live 5 minutes from where Sawyer’s X-rays were taken. In those 5 mins, Kellie and I were asked about getting a cast? This stems from last summer when Sawyer’s older sister fractured her growth plate.

This questioning continued over and over and over again. What started in the car, it continued in the waiting room. It continued in the office. It continued during X-rays. It continued during its results. It was his perseveration that wouldn’t stop.

Though there was no break (thank god) it’s almost like Sawyer turned into a Jedi as he was trying to convince all parties that he didn’t need a cast. This is who he is as he reassures himself to only the answer that he wants to hear.

This is certainly an avenue that we are working through as not every obstacle is going to go his way. He has to learn to work through it rather than always walking away with getting his way.

So though he could barley walk out of the doctors office that day, as he hobbled with a special shoe, than a day later, a boot. It is on the forefront that the unpredictable is a predictable challenge. And like every challenge, we continue to find ways to solve it.

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