Happy birthday

In true Rubin family form, we welcomed our babies into the world in loving chaos a week ago. A scheduled C section for my wife, Kellie, went as expected. It was unpredictable, exhausting, nauseating, and well worth it. Easy for me to say as I was right by her side rather than living the battle.

It did bring us to a complete family. Simon Meyer was born at 1:21 in the afternoon with his sister, Rosalie Jae born a minute after. Their weights at 6.8 and 6.7 respectively. If you ever met my wife, Kellie, you would never think she could have two babies in her belly at that size.

Not to get lost in this whirlwind is the pure joy of welcoming children into this world. As graphic as the scenery is, the first breathes taken is a transcendent moment in all of our lives. If there could be a pause button, it would have been right there.

As I stood in the OR, I pivoted between the twins and my wife. I was just attempting to soak it in and was just hopeful we could get into recovery and begin our lives together.

Our three older children were eager to visit. However, we just had to see how the afternoon played out before their first meeting.

For months, Sawyer would stim like it was Christmas morning as he talked about the babies being born. He even said to his big brother, Cobe, that he would have to teach him to be a big brother.

Once we hit October, he talked about the twins arriving soon. He did this everyday up to the delivery.

Thankfully the kids were able to visit. A depleted Kellie, who lost a ton of blood due to a postpartum hemorrhage along with vomiting wasn’t necessarily in prime condition to be seen.

To make matters more stressful, Simon turned blue, sounded like a dolphin and was moved up to the NICU.

Like I said, this narrative was fitting for Team Rubin.

Disclaimer: Simon has premature lungs and is making great progress. He appears to be a few days from being released:).

As all three older Rubin’s arrived to see their mom and new brother and sister. They had looks of excitement and puzzlement in their wide eyed faces.

We did our best to normalize everything as quite frankly in that moment, we had little clue of what to say.

Thankfully, there was Sawyer. He held his baby sister, Rosie with joy but needed to see, Simon.

He marched into the elevator and waited his turn to push the correct button. He washed his hands as he was instructed and stood at Simon’s side to do his best Doc McStuffin’s diagnosis by telling him that he’d be ok with some rest.

As he was about to exit, he turned back into the door to wish Simon a happy birthday.

As always, the normalization of the moment is held by the one who we least expect it from. That’s the big brother, that’s Sawyer.

4 responses to “Happy birthday”

  1. Awesomeness! So happy to hear about your new additions! Glorious. And Saywer being factual is the cutest thing ever. Will be praying for your wife’s wellness and Simon to be home with all of you very soon.
    Hugs and congratulations daddy.

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  2. Fabulous! I feel like I was there ! So glad things are getting better each day! You all seem to do well with “ rolling” with the Tide!
    Bless you! Can’t wait to snuggle a baby 👶🏻 or two!!! They grow up so fast and it’s a blur!! Pictures are often the gift we appreciate in the future as each 🌊 wave you ride is new and it’s landing at the shore is different to and for everyone!
    Lots of love to a beautiful Rubin clan!!!

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  3. Just beautiful. As always. ❤

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  4. This melted my heart❤️

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