Back In The Game

6 weeks. What does that mean? For our family, it’s the one year mark of the birth of our twins. One boy named Simon. And one girl named Rosie, To say that having two children at once has been an adventure has been an understatement. However, it’s also meant a year of growth, chaos, and exhaustion.

Interesting enough, a year ago, we were parents of 3. Our youngest Sawyer being on the Autism Spectrum. My focus each week was to chronicle his triumphs and tribulations as a 7 year old finding his way in the universe.

I was marginally successful. Writing was easy for me. I could set aside time and focus on whatever I noticed and do my best to convey it anyone who would listen. I would put it out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and just share it until I was ready to move onto the next piece.

Sometimes 200 people would view it. Sometimes 100 people would share it. Sometimes 50 people would comment on it.

So what happened? Why did the noise fade away? Why did people stop following?

They didn’t stop. It was me. I legitimately ran out of gas. I had stories to share but struggled to write. That’s on me.

When I ask myself why do I share all things Sawyer, it’s because I pride myself on being his father. I find myself fascinated on how he thinks. I struggle to understand what he needs and what his future may end up being.

So I’m back to share stories of a boy who can read maps but not add single digit numbers. I’m back to point out that being a 3rd grader is the ultimate test to see where Sawyer is with age appropriate play. Most importantly I’m back because I love to write about my son, Sawyer. He’s the most lovable, caring, inquisitive 8 year old I know.

Thank you for reminding me that the game is never over unless you don’t check back in.

3 responses to “Back In The Game”

  1. So glad to see your update 😀 Thanks for sharing about the amazing Sawyer and the rest of your beautiful family.

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  2. Always enjoy reading your thoughts and you beautiful family! Sawyer is very sweet boy!

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  3. It helps when he has awesome parents and an awesome big sister and brother to go with that and now awesome baby brother and sister.
    My sister and I may not see eye to on a lot of things but one thing I know for sure she’s an amazing mother

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