Covid Chaos

If life was a Choose Your Adventure book, I’d ask for a copy that left out Covid-19. Unfortunately, after two years, after every precaution, vaccinations, social distancing, and leap of faith, Covid hit our household with a right uppercut that despite our efforts, we couldn’t slip past it.

To put things in context, our family collectively has had over 65 Covid tests since they became available. I wish I was exaggerating but trust me, when you have a son who has Autism, you don’t mess up too many numbers or anything medical related.

Sawyer hasn’t let the world of Covid take away things he loves to enjoy!

It’s one thing to explain a cold. It’s one thing to explain a growing pain. It’s one thing to explain why the temperature in a pool isn’t as warm as it was from 20 minutes prior; but explaining a pandemic has been a tad more difficult. Actually, it was essentially mission impossible.

I’m not even going to go the lengths of a timeline here. I’ll just give a few bits and pieces of what the Rubin family was dealing with. Sawyer initially thought that Covid would kill him. And we aren’t talking about The Lorax oxygen and clean air, we are talking about the end of his existence.

Did I blame him? Not really as every twist and turn was a narrative that could support any of our thoughts. This was hard for us and even more so for him.

So test after test, squint after squint to determine if a line was a single, double, triple, we made it to the next day. The glory days of waking up with a sore throat was no longer that, it became the sick Olympics.

Unfortunately the days of excitement to stay home from school were a thing of the past. Sawyer was petrified to test positive. The laundry list of thoughts poured out of him. He wouldn’t be able to go to dance. He wouldn’t live. He wouldn’t be able to see friends. He would be locked in his room like a prisoner. He would miss school assignments. Dogs and cats living together…mass hysteria!

That’s where we were at. Until this past week. Nearly one by one, the Rubin family produced more positive tests than Mona Lisa Vito did when she testified that the model and make of the car in My Cousin Vinny wasn’t the correct one for the defendants. Disclaimer: your writer as of today has not.

Regardless, all of this buildup led to a lot of anxiety in the house. Nothing bigger than Sawyer’s. He was up, he tested, he paced, he timed, he stared, and he tested positive.

He was uncharacteristically relieved. It happened. He would stay home. He had “the COVID.”

The world didn’t end. His symptoms not extreme. The chaos wasn’t that at all. It was patience and perseverance. That’s who he is and that’s who will always be.

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  1. I am glad you are writing again!

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