Minuscule no longer…

The longer we raise a child on the spectrum, the more I have come to realize that the unexpected needs to be celebrated even if it’s minuscule. it’s the unexpected that keeps us going when the clouds cover the sky regardless of the season.

Speaking of seasons, we have turned the page on the holidays and onto Sawyer’s birthday. However, a sticking point has always been with gifts as Sawyer has typically been prompted on things he likes rather than coming up with things on his own.

A gift to me from Sawyer.

Imagine being 10 years old and being asked what you want for a gift? Imagine looking puzzled, not sure, and getting excited about an idea that isn’t your own because you think you should? That is Sawyer and always has been.

So why would I think anything else? This isn’t easy for him. Maybe it will never be easy. His joy is expressed in other ways. I truthfully haven’t given it much thought as it’s been as consistent as the 25th being Christmas.

This year. Weeks after the holidays, it was different. The thing is that Sawyer and I love the Boston Celtics. We watch games together, talk about the team, talk about their record, and two years ago went to a game. There is something about the sport he just loves and we love it together.

With my birthday coming up as well, he insisted to my wife, Kellie that he had an idea for me. He had to do it. So he did,

His idea: He wanted to buy new Celtics jerseys for us both so we can wear them to our Celtics game in a few weeks. Unprompted, out of nowhere, all on his own.

The boy who couldn’t think of what he wanted under the tree other than the things he typically likes thought of me and thought of us. If that doesn’t leap frog minuscule than I don’t know what does?

See you in a few weeks, Boston.

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