Fall 7 Times. Stand Up 8.

Winter in New England is unpredictable. It could be 70 degrees one day and snow a foot a day after. The early part of 2022 has fit that bill as I have recently turned 45 years old and have morphed into my most cynical version of myself.

The days of taking one’s word as an absolute just doesn’t stick. I kind of blame my dad but being a father of 5, teacher of 19, and a Boston sports fan might have morphed my perspective from flexible play dough to a rock form of clay.

With weeks of highs and lows; from sitting near court side with Sawyer and watching our beloved Celtics to the joy of the stomach bug rip through our house like Ricky Stratton’s toy train from Silver Spoons; well, let’s say I’m undoubtedly sensitive to things that come my way.

Baking has been a new found joy for Sawyer!

Case and point. Sawyer came home to tell his mother and I that his peers told him to dance around the lunch table during lunch. This is the ultimate rule follower. He did something that he want supposed to do. He did so because he was encouraged to do it.

Kids may have been having fun? He may have had fun? He might have been mocked? it may have been harmless? It may have not been? All I know is that it was heartbreaking because it might have been the first time he was made fun of and it was done with what he loves, which is dance.

Am I wrong? It’s likely that I’m not. However, we could be proven wrong. There is no lack of support from his school. He has top notch educators who aren’t only exceptional at their job but humans as well. People look out for him and care for him. it’s all we could ask for him as parents.

Sawyer asked it he was in trouble. He wasn’t nor would he be for being silly. This is deeper for us as parents than it is for him. He isn’t ready for the conversation about people treating him different. He may never be ready for that.

However, it is up to us to give him the tools to navigate the world socially to adapt to the challenges that he may encounter. Maybe this was one of the first ones? Maybe it’s just us who need to adapt to a time in which this now on our radar?

I do know that the Rubin family will help pick one another up. Let’s face it, there are 7 of us, so we absolutely will get up that 8th time no matter what:)

2 responses to “Fall 7 Times. Stand Up 8.”

  1. Whether the kids had positive intent or not, you and kellie will help him navigate the good and the bad in this world and he will find strength in the greatness of the Rubin family. ❤️❤️

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  2. Lucille Gonville Avatar
    Lucille Gonville

    Best family !!❤️ Lucy

    Don and Lucy Gonville 4 Dewberry Lane Hooksett, NH 03106 Office Ph/Fx 603-641-5541 Cell: Don 603-860-8641 Cell: Lucy 603-540-7774


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